I Never Wrote A Love Letter

Maybe it’s because I never had diaries to write in. Maybe that’s why I can’t choose the right words now. I love to talk. My elementary school teachers would never believe it if they heard. I’m like a tap that’s been left running once I start. But there’s nothing much I can tell you. TheContinue reading “I Never Wrote A Love Letter”

Procrastination as My Worst Enemy

I’ve been delaying doing anything on my to-do list for no good reason. I’m behind on everything. So, in this post, I decided to name the problem. Today, I’m going to be talking about procrastination. A Preview to Procrastination A few summers ago, I decided not to get a summer job. Two summers before that,Continue reading “Procrastination as My Worst Enemy”

LETTERS TO POSEIDON by Cees Nooteboom – Are the Ancient Gods Still Important Today?

Were you jealous of the gods that came after you? Are you laughing now that they too have been abandoned? Letters to Poseidon by Cees Nooteboom Where are the ancient gods today? Glorious columns of ancient temples now covered in ivy. The gods that once walked the Earth now retreated inside the pages of theContinue reading “LETTERS TO POSEIDON by Cees Nooteboom – Are the Ancient Gods Still Important Today?”

On language

Language- this is a thought I wrote down one day after coming back from my classes. I keep thinking about it more and more. I’m just here, drinking my coffee when all of the sudden my eyes are teary and I have to put my glasses down. And what caused that? Ever since I heardContinue reading “On language”


Time I don’t believe in time, I cannot grasp it. In the Universe, what is time? How does it work? And here, on Earth? I know we as humans are limited. Apparently, by it. We don’t last forever – but what is forever? – we disperse after a while. Still, is it time or aContinue reading “Time”

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