Tables, conversations, and safe spaces

Are we giving some topics a seat at the table, or is our table just a side table for kids so they don’t bother the grown-ups? That’s how I feel when I talk about mental health for example, or women’s status in society. Does that seat count, and how important is it to have it?Continue reading “Tables, conversations, and safe spaces”

Grief is a thing with fetters

It’s one day ahead in the calendar, but it was Wednesday last year when I had this weird feeling that I needed to hug my friend when I waved her goodbye as she got on the bus. I don’t usually hug. Not that I don’t like it, it’s just not in my habit. So, anyway,Continue reading “Grief is a thing with fetters”

World Mental Health Day in my world

Mental health In lights of the World Mental Health Day – that I’m… not late to, because the conversation shouldn’t start and stop on that day – I wanted to share… let’s call it a diary entry, that I wrote in June of this year. I think I’m at that point again, in a way.Continue reading “World Mental Health Day in my world”

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