Big L: Love And Loneliness

Love and Loneliness I know I’ve been all about love on this page lately (I don’t know why. I was just inspired), but I also want to talk about loneliness. I’m not ready to talk about many things I should and said I would dedicate more space to. I just need time to process everything,Continue reading “Big L: Love And Loneliness”

Grandpa, Your Little Hawk Will Miss You Very Much!

I expected it with every phone call, so how did this one catch me by surprise? I don’t think my brain’s connected it yet, but I buried my grandpa on Monday. The inspiration behind the name of this blog, and I never actually told him I had a blog. I Miss My Grandpa Grandpa usedContinue reading “Grandpa, Your Little Hawk Will Miss You Very Much!”

Grief is a thing with fetters

It’s one day ahead in the calendar, but it was Wednesday last year when I had this weird feeling that I needed to hug my friend when I waved her goodbye as she got on the bus. I don’t usually hug. Not that I don’t like it, it’s just not in my habit. So, anyway,Continue reading “Grief is a thing with fetters”

World Mental Health Day in my world

Mental health In lights of the World Mental Health Day – that I’m… not late to, because the conversation shouldn’t start and stop on that day – I wanted to share… let’s call it a diary entry, that I wrote in June of this year. I think I’m at that point again, in a way.Continue reading “World Mental Health Day in my world”

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