Hi, there! Well, since you’re here, it’s only right that I tell you a little something about this blog. This is a dream and a small blog dedicated to books, occasional travel, student life and whatever random thought that comes to my mind and that you’ll get to read on a weekly basis.

Now how this blog came to be? I am an anxious introvert, a struggling student, a cat lover, a book lover, a language and psychology enthusiast and a big dreamer that just never backs down. I am so confident in my future, like it’s promised. But, that stubbornness and hope is what got you here today to my little blog, so to the whole 5 people that will ever actually see this blog, welcome! And if you decide to stay – thank you so much. But, just so you know, I won’t make any promises in return. Lasciate ogne speranze voi ch’intrate! because what you see, is what you get!

All jokes aside, I’m doing this for fun; we’ll see where it goes. Thanks for stopping by! If you see any errors or typos, mind your business, and if you have any comments, they better be compliments.

Okay, I’ll stop joking now. I should mention that among other languages, I also speak sarcasm. Okay, thanks, bye! (I don’t really mean bye!, please don’t leave, except for some love in the comments :D)

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