I don’t believe in time, I cannot grasp it. In the Universe, what is time? How does it work? And here, on Earth? I know we as humans are limited. Apparently, by it. We don’t last forever – but what is forever? – we disperse after a while. Still, is it time or a change or are we just a flicker in space, something somewhere that is and then it isn’t anymore? Do we call that ”time”? I think we created this concept because we cannot believe in something if it doesn’t have a name and a form, and we cannot go without believing. That’s why we crafted time. Then we went on and mythologized it. We created it into this huge monster that sinks its teeth into things and devours them. That monster takes things from us and then eventually it takes us, as well.

We put margins on papers and stories. We put lines and borders on the things that never should’ve been restrained. We created time and then it overpowered us. It passed us by and we constantly try to catch it. We’re running out of time. We decided on the points in future that we’re trying to reach and then we act like it’s out of our hands and we can’t move our dates? What is our obsession with deadlines – do we take that expression literally? – and our phobias of all numbers? I just can’t stop thinking about how we got so estranged from the one concept we created. That’s why I don’t understand time. Because we took nothing and turned it into our enemy. We decided on the checkpoints that make no sense. Is that the time? Is it our time?

I think the main issue is that somewhere in that process of constantly running for something so trivial, we made ourselves the means to reach a goal, when instead we should realise that we are the goals.  

When will we run out of time?

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