ENDYMION OR The STATE of ENTROPY by Kurt R. Ward – a review


This book is recently published, so I really hope as many of you get your hands on it. I want to see it out of stock! 😀


Before I start, I HAVE to praise the amazing illustrations by Rebecca Yanovskaya (http://www.rebeccayanovskaya.com/) because I am absolutely in love with her work!

Endymion or The State of Entropy is a lyrical drama by Kurt Ward. „Part-epic battle, part-psychotherapeutic journey, Endymion is set at John Keats’ gravesite in Rome. It is written in poetic meter as one continuous dream, where Jupiter, Diana, Zephyrus, Hermes and Endymion wrestle with reason, fear, hope and divine inspiration.“

This is one of those books that you read and it enriches you and leaves you empty of words to describe it. It is the one that provokes the senses, combines the metaphors and mental images into a beautiful rhythm that takes you not beyond time, but through it into the most hidden and core points of existence. The introduction to this conversation brought the strongly illustrated images of different motives, the polar opposites, Day and Night, Light and what lurks under its bright dominance.

It touches on a lot of topics, but the main one is the line that divides. The polar opposites. The One that can’t go without the Other. Firstly, the Power and the absolute that is conserved and possessively guarded and the obsession over the loss, the insecurity that hides in the fragility of such a state. Having so much power that, eventually, it will slip between one’s fingers. It made me think of separation, significance, anger, hunger and restlessness.

Why are the Dreams so different from everything else, then? The Dreams belong to the point beyond conscious, beyond anyone’s rule and influence. They are the prophecies, they reveal in symbols so many answers that we cannot reach in conscience, but they stay in that area. The first rays of daylight blind the messages that played behind our eyelids.

The Realm of Sleep has its own laws,

The Dreaming are immune

To the mechanics of Perception,

Endymion or the State of Entropy

The importance of opposition is so influential in this work. It questions reason, heart, truth, lies, purpose, rules and nature. It questions the concept, the philosophy, how everything is connected and inevitably tied together. Act II is a beautiful conversation between Diana and Zephyrus. It is the type of conversation one rarely shares with another person; it’s the type of thoughts you send into the Universe.

We are unmapped inhabitants

Steering an uncharted course

Across the immensities of Desire and Loss.

Endymion or the State of Entropy

You can tell where both opinions come from, but the way they look at things provoke the thoughts, it makes you want to join the conversation. On these pages a lot was shared on the topic of pain… „Pain is transient.“ I seem to very much agree with Diana.

Although I mentioned the great role of lines and borders and oppositions in this work, what’s important to have in mind is the fine line between everything. That’s why the Dreams are the focal point here, because if anything, they show how thin the line between realities is. Our existence is the thin line, the future that pours into the past, with the present being a medium for the two. Where, inside of that, do we reside? There’s this passage that paints that thread, the Strand of time and space and the Universe.

I feel like Endymion is a symbol of the unaware part of oneself, and then it’s going back to the meaning, the rebirth and the purpose. It is a wonderful and mythical expression and I can’t wait for this book to take off so more people can talk about it.

Anyway, I said a lot and none of it made sense, but I had to get it out. Thank you to BookSirens for providing me with the copy of this book. All of this rambling was voluntary and my own.

Illustrations by Rebecca Yanovskaya (snippets)

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