Santiago de Compostela – a dream

Santiago de Compostela

santiago de compostela
A view from Miradoiro da Catedral- Santiago de Compostela

With this post I am starting my Erasmus series where I will be posting anything and everything about this beautiful city, the region, my experiences and any useful info.

Getting here

In March of this year, I was attending an “Erasmus Days” at my university and I finally found the courage to actually apply for the programme. I picked Santiago because of a movie I saw a while back and because I love this city’s vibe. Now, I’ve only been here for two days, so this post will be a showing-off-my-phone-gallery, but I can’t wait to get comfy here!


First day walking around, I felt so distant from myself. I wanted to belong, but I wanted to be on full tourist-that’s-enjoying-a-vacation mode. I was there, walking around, but it felt like I was in a bubble where I couldn’t feel comfortable. I ran through those streets to get to my apartment.

I am so sorry to myself for setting these barriers in my head that I now need to break down. Hopefully the lights of Santiago help me with it.

Okay, now that I got that out, I want to focus on the beauty of the city. Every corner is another marvel. This is the kind of a city you want to get lost in.

I also visited my first bookstore here. It was such a nice experience and I know for sure I will be needing another suitcase to bring home. I didn’t take any pictures of it, so here’s this instead:

Santiago de Compostela

Okay, thanks, bye!

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