Santiago de Compostela – an update

Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela

Okay, so my laptop’s been down this past almost a week, so Thursday is a new Saturday, I guess? Anyway, the most important update is that I’ve hurt my leg, and instead of wandering around this beauty of a city, I’m pretty much stuck in my room now.

My classes haven’t started yet, so I really have the time to relax and prepare myself and just enjoy my free time. Last week was actually really fun, I was still able to walk!!! -.- so I got a lot of things done, went to see the campuses, went to the bank (that was a bit of a trouble), tried a really good drink, which was presented to us as “chupito de hierbas”, but I see different versions of the name on the Internet. Anyway, it is a traditional Galician drink and it’s absolutely perfect!

This is the drink, the one in the small glass. Mm, I want it now! Also, the one next to it, is basically ice tea and rum (I don’t know if that has a name – bear with me, I’m not an alcohol connoisseur), but my friend introduced me to it, and this one wasn’t as good as the one we tried the first time, but it is overall a really good drink and probably my new go-to for a while.

This bar’s called Casa das Crechas, btw, and it has an interesting interior design that furthers my interests in the mythology of Galicia, Celtic influence and the importance of witches. I NEED TO KNOW!!!

This is where we tried the best ice tea-rum drink. The bar is in the modern part of the city, but I forgot the name. Good thing I didn’t forget the way there, tho 😉

While we’re at the recommendations, two more honorable mentions. First, I went to Gadis (which is an absolute must go-to supermarket) and I picked up these cookies that were the best cookies ever, which is very important for me – a Cookie Monster 😀

Next stop, Newroz Döner Kebap! I don’t have a picture of this place, yet, but I will make sure to get it on one of the many future visits there. The food… OMG! I tried shawarma, falafel and baklava there so far, and I can’t choose a favorite, I just know I will be going through the whole menu while I’m here! Also, the staff is really nice there! I love it!

Okay, now before I throw a bunch of random photos here, I need to mention one more thing, and that is Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Santiago de Compostela. They have been the most helpful, they helped me find accommodation in Santiago, they organise our trips and other activities and answer all our doubts and questions. Before coming to Santiago, I purchased an ESN card that is basically like a student ID for participating in the events and trips organised by ESN, and we can also get discounts on various things with this card. Their welcome has been the sweetest and it didn’t go without a little welcome gift.

They got us a tote bag with the map of Santiago on it, a cute little bracelet, a much needed water bottle (that I can totally pour some coffee in, right?), a map of Santiago with the list of all the places to visit, a bunch of coupons and discounts for restaurants, clubs, yoga and other stuff, and the comfiest t-shirt ever!

Thanks, ESN Santiago de Compostela! 😀

And now, here’s a little walk around Santiago via my phone camera 🙂 (it’s doing it no justice, btw!)

Pazo de Raxoi

These two photos are giving me such Jane Austen vibes and I love it!

Also, I should be working on my photographing skills, because this right picture is giving nothing and in reality, I swear, it’s so beautiful!

Rúa De San Francisco

Anyway, moving on…

Igrexa de San Francisco
It was a golden hour, but you can’t tell because my laptop says so! -.-
This was the inside of the Cathedral.

Okay, thanks, bye!

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