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This past week I felt more energy than I had in a while. I don’t know if that’s high before the low or if it’s a Christmas enthusiasm that starts too early and never makes it to Christmas Day. Still, some thoughts have been piling up, so I wanted to share something about them.

Whenever I’m on social media, I stumble upon one of those what-I-wish-I-knew-in-my-20s videos. And every time I see them, I get this five minutes pump of confidence, and I feel like I can change my life immediately and become the ”it girl”. I forget about all that as soon as I scroll to another video. But, generally speaking, it makes me think that so many people share their experiences and bits of advice online that it’s so easy for us now. Like, they’ve lived their twenties and now share their mistakes, so we don’t have to make them.

I held on to that hope until it struck me that the emphasis is on our twenties. Yes, there are so many people before that lived them, but we haven’t. And that goes for any other age. The point is, you don’t become wiser just by taking on what others learned and told you, but by actually living through a moment so it can give you a lesson. Life is not a textbook definition that someone else lectures you. There are no shortcuts to this. Everybody knows that not one person has the same journey, and while there may be only one answer, there are as many formulas for it as there are people in this world.

So, just a simple reminder: the next time you look at someone else’s journey and compare, know that the life in front of you is an unpaved road, the clouds or the bottom of the ocean, the grass meadow, or the gravel not yet walked on. How scary! And how wonderful!


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