Christmas lights in Vigo

christmas lights

December is finally here, and all of the Christmas lights are on! Last weekend we visited Vigo, a city on the coast that organized the most beautiful, magical Christmas lights festival ever! I have to say, I was a bit grumpy coming there because I had a cold, and the number of people surrounding me was overwhelming at one point, but I mean – everyone wanted to see the Christmas lights.

After grabbing some gingerbread latte at the local Starbucks – the best latte I ever had – my mood changed completely, and it was so easy to slip into the holiday magic.

I am in love with Galicia – what else is new? – but if you’re ever here in late November/December, please visit this city! First, take some time to walk around the city center and take cute pictures of the decorations like I did! You’ll see a giant snowman, the star of Christmas, the angels, a Christmas tree, and a carriage all lit up in the most beautiful display of colors.

Then, go to a small amusement park – especially if you’re there with children – or take a ride on a wheel that gives the best view of the city. A bit of a warning: the first round goes slowly – enough to take pictures and enjoy the ride – and then the party starts with a few circles that are more of a roller coaster vibe. That makes it more fun, though!

Moving on from the wheel, the most delicious smell from the food stands called for us. That section was packed, and for a good reason! Whichever post you choose, you’ll only find the best food and beer. My friend and I were overwhelmed by the crowd, so we went to a nearby Luces de Bohemia and got some coffee/hot chocolate, and churros. We were amazed by how good the churros were, coated in sugar and warm. I’m still craving them! Also, the whole place looked so pretty, and I wish we’d sat there to try the menu, but they were just about to close when we got there.

Later in the night, most of our group went to a party, but in proper introvert fashion, my friend and I skipped that to go around the city some more, explore and take more pictures. The crowd was smaller by 1 a.m., but the streets were still alive, so we felt safe to walk around and enjoy our visit. We were both so happy that we went and had the opportunity to see everything. We returned to Santiago around 5 a.m., and we were so exhausted but so happy.

Okay, thanks, bye!

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