Tips for traveling to Galicia

Galicia is a beautiful autonomous region in the northwest of Spain, just above Portugal. Breathtaking cities, rural areas,  green surfaces, rich history, and folklore add to the magic. The region opens to the Atlantic Ocean, and visiting the coast is a must! Also, don’t just stop at the big cities. Galicia has many gems to offer!

Still, Galicia can also be a bit tricky. The Galician weather is especially mischievous. So, today I prepared a short list of how to best prepare for traveling around Galicia.

Hórreos are a symbol of Galicia. It's a type of granary used for food storage for the livestock.

Galicia is the perfect region for a road trip. At first, it was the most popular with the pilgrims doing the Camino. Now, it is famous for its breathtaking views, delicious cuisine, and history and folklore. I’m sure it’s on your bucket list already. If not, I hope you add it soon. Here’s what to keep in mind when you go there:

Galician weather

Galicia is THE region for walking, hiking, and being outdoors, but it also has a lot of rain. The temperatures are lower than in the rest of the country, and the clouds can appear out of nowhere. Check the forecast, but also be prepared for everything because the weather in Galicia changes almost by the hour! Keep a travel umbrella in your bag at all times, pack some raincoats and rain boots, and you’re good to go!


Following the first tip, if you plan on staying in Galicia longer, take some supplements. It depends on when you travel, but with the Galician rain and the fog, you might forget that the sun exists, so don’t forget to bring some vitamin D!

Rain season in Galicia


The official languages in Galicia are Galician and Castilian Spanish. They use Galician in all institutions, museums, bars, and restaurants. It is the native language of about 2,7 million people. Galician sounds like a mix between Spanish and Portuguese, so if you understand those, you will understand the basics. They don’t speak English often. No one will refuse to speak English, they will always find ways to communicate and help, but you have to be aware of the language situation there. So, before you visit, learn a few basic phrases to make the conversations easier.


Siesta is an integral part of Spanish culture and everyday life. In Galicia, everything closes from 2 p.m. until 5 p.m. while people take their daily breaks. So, if you plan on shopping for souvenirs, grabbing a coffee, or visiting the bookstore, do it outside the siesta hours. (The supermarkets don’t close for the break, though!)

Take your time to take it all in!

There’s much to explore in Galicia, so be open to trying everything. Visit the museums, and try out the local food. Have a picnic in the park (but don’t litter!)! Look for festivals, concerts, and any live music in the area. Visiting a local bakery that offers the best pastries, especially the traditional pastries around the holidays, is a must! Have fun, take photos, and make memories!

I hope this post helps you in preparing for your visit to Galicia! If you’ve already been there, feel free to share your tips. I would love to hear it all!

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