🍉On Gaza – Desperation and Hope

The latest updates from Gaza are devastating and enraging. As Israel continues to bomb civilians, targeting hospitals, refugee camps, and schools, a call for action is imperative.


One of the latest targets was the medical convoy from the Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest medical complex in Gaza, which is currently sheltering thousands of injured and displaced Palestinians.

Al Jazeera:

An Israeli air strike on an ambulance convoy near the al-Shifa Hospital in the besieged Gaza Strip has killed 15 people and wounded 60 others, according to health officials and aid workers.

A convoy of ambulances was transporting critically wounded patients from the Al-Shifa Hospital to the Rafah border crossing with Egypt when it was targeted in an Israeli attack, Ashraf al-Qudra, a spokesman for the Health Ministry said on Friday.

Hospitals across Gaza are out of service or on their last reserves following the bombing and fuel shortages. People are in danger! The number of killed Palestinians in the West Bank is also increasing.

By the time this post is up, the updates and the numbers of casualties will already be outdated, which only speaks more of the gravity of the situation and the urgency of a ceasefire.


Below are a few links that I want to share with you. The Palestine Academy is a recently set up website where you can learn more about the occupation of Palestine.

It provides links to social media accounts you can follow to stay up to date with the situation in Gaza and some resources to read and watch to get a better understanding of the overall situation. It also provides links to organizations to which you can donate.

In the link to Amnesty.org, you can sign a demand for the ceasefire.

Another way you can help is by providing eSIM cards for Palestinians. The link below explains how you can do that.

  1. The Palestine Academy – resources
  2. Amnesty International – demand a ceasefire
  3. Gaza eSims – eSIM cards for Gaza

“How far is Palestine?” She asks. It’s a fifteen-hour plane ride away,
a dozen unresolved UN resolutions away, a few history lessons
away, a hundred and
some military checkpoints away, too much G4S-provided asphyxiation.

Small Talk, from Rifqa by Mohammed El-Kurd

A Barrel Spilling Out

Today, I wanted to talk about something else, but for weeks now, nothing has occupied my mind but worry and fear. The proportions of this tragedy – the injustice and cruelty – are beyond everything I believed a human being is capable of doing.

I am disgusted and angry with the crimes against the Palestinians. I feel like a barrel overflowing with the images of crying children, the pleas, the blood, the ruins of entire neighborhoods. The hospital beds, the halls, the Israeli propaganda that mocks the suffering of the Palestinians, and the journalists trying to get the word out, to let the world know, hoping we would listen and care.

My mind is full of those thoughts to the point where I think I can’t even react anymore. Then, if I scroll past a video or a picture, I feel guilty because I’m ignoring it so easily with just a scroll of my finger. I feel like I’m losing my emotions. Am I losing compassion? And it’s a spiral of guilt, anxiety, and numbness. Hopelessness overwhelms me.

But then I remember Palestine again. The amount of faith Palestinians have, the amount of bravery and love, despite everything, urges me on. How can I be discouraged or think about giving up when they, with their lives in danger, grieving, hurt, thirsty, hungry, and tired, still hold on, still relentless and brave?

But then another thing got to me. Somebody told me that signing petitions won’t do anything. It won’t change things. It looks like it’s a lost cause. That’s what got me. I imagined myself saying that to someone in Gaza. How? How could I ever?

The point is: at least we tried. Maybe it won’t change anything, or maybe it’ll turn the whole world upside-down, but at least it’s something.

Somebody said: “I don’t know, if I don’t see, if I don’t hear, …” and a shrug emoji. And the amount of time it took to type that out is about the same amount you would need to sign the demand for a ceasefire. Only the second option can actually make a difference, while I don’t know what to tell you about that lousy excuse.

For Gaza

I am angry. I wanted to leave this post on a more positive note, but I always circle back to being angry. We need more. We owe more! Please, I beg you, do something! Check the links. If you have anything to add or any resources and news you want to bring attention to, the comments are open.

On Gaza - a post on My Little Hawk
Rifqa by Mohammed El-Kurd

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